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I've finally decided to make this journal friends only. I'm not anti-social or anything, but if you want to be friends with me, please read the friending rules first.. :)

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What do I look like to you?

Friends Cut

Okay, so I did a friends cut. I de-friended (geez that's such a bad word) some people whose LJ are inactive and some people who never really commented on my entries or even talk to me outside LJ (MSN or real life)

If I have deleted you, and would like to be re-added as my friend, then just comment here and I'll add you back :)

If you've friended me and I didn't friend you back (maybe cause I have no idea who you are, you can go here and comment there. And go here too, if you haven't already.

If you are in my list still (yay!) but wants to be removed (WHYY?!) then comment here as well and we shall end our relationships :(

On another note, I will be filtering some of my posts in the future because some posts might be too girly for some. So yeah, I will have Girls only posts. Hehehe.. And there will be no exception, no guys will be able to read them ;p

Also, since I know I've been posting a lot of Mraz stuff, please tell me if you don't want your f-list to be spammed by Mraz stuff, and I'll filter you out of them. Although, I highly recommend that you stay in it..

My Mental Image

√×♥ What do I look like to you?

Please do it :) ♥
If you already know how I look like, just make up something or maybe think about what you originally thought of me hehehe. XD;

Green ♥ Green!

I am advertising a new forum I started for anyone who loves The golden boys of Evergreen Entertainment: Koike Teppei, Wents Eiji, Yamamoto Yusuke and Mizobata Junpei.

YES, Yusuke-kun is the guy starred as ,Kayashima in Hana Kimi, the gaydar guy. And Junpei is one of the boys in Dorm 2~ :D and OF COURSE everyone knows who WaT is? 8D~ (they're the guys in my dp ♥)

Please join~ ♥

Hope to see some of you there! :D

I've decided.

I will make this journal friends locked on my birthday.

Which is on Monday.


More Colorbars!

Yosh! I bring you more WaT related colorbars! Enjoy~
(some of em are funny shaped/sized.. lol)

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Please read
- Please don't change the codes and leave a credit to me xanpyon
- These colorbars are hosted on my photobucket album, so you don't have to upload it to another server. But if you want to, you are so very welcome to do so. ^^
- Also I might add more colorbars on this entry, coz I prolly can't be stuffed making new ones ^^;


I've decided to make a wishlist. There had been lots of things popped up in the internet that I suddenly want to buy. It's sad coz... *looks at wallet* T_____T

So here it is, not ni the order of preferences btw.

1. WaT's 2007 calendar!!
Finally some decent calendars.. haha Not that I always wanted one.. XD but since it has them in it, Hell, I'll buy it! I'd try and save up to buy Teppei's first, and then Eiji's.

2. I am currently drooling over this Press edition Lovely Complex DVD that's gonna be out on the new year's. Seeing I'm a huge fan of the manga and a huge huge fan of Teppei... MUSTHAVEITMUSTNEEDHAVETOHAVEIT. blarh. Self-explanatory really...

3. ZOMG, Teppei's new photobook, "Kiss me, kiss me", which is obviously a must have for Teppei's fans around the world. LOL!! Like, who can resist him posing for a book called Kiss me, kiss me??? Seriously guys, WHO? Muahaha.

4. I've been wanting this DVD for ages. Since it's been around for ages too... T____T
I'm such a late bloomer..

5. WaT's new single, "Ready Go!". MUST MUST MUST HAVE!! Since I missed the other 3 singles and decided to dl them instead. (>__<) I really want this single!

6. My Favourite Girl - The Movie DVD!! Out 1st of November (or is it December?)!! GOTTA HAVE IT!! GAHHH!!!

so guys? any donations?
any amount will be accepted.. (^______^)

I'm rly desperate!

stupid fake myspace acocunts!!!

Remember Teppei's fake account?
I forgot to tell you that there was one of Eiji too..
Hahaha. I think it was created by the same person..
The both closed their accounts.

I laughed so hard.


Fake Teppei in MySpace

Has anyone ever heard of this account in MySpace?


It's some person pretending to be Teppei-kun and all. Yeah, that kind of stuff happens. Lots of people in Myspace was fooled by this person and he/she is enjoying it, (went around to other accounts saying 'ur pretending to be me.. >_<) ararara.. so then I tried adding him. Then I commented on one of the photo that had a caption 'Most recent photo!', which is actually just the newest photo from teppei's website. But, obviously I know that it's fake coz u know that the photos that are up now are the ones from the Boku no Kimochi photoshoot right?

So I kinda caught him/her being fake and wrote it in the comments..

ANd now the account is being deleted..